Nordic MaiD network continued

The Nordic MaiD project carried out between 2014-2017 worked on evaluating possibilities for further harmonisation of requirements for products in contact with drinking water in the Nordic area. The project was financed by Nordic Innovation, and brought together a broad network of regulators, approval and testing institutions, industry and expert bodies.

The final report and conclusions of the project can be found on the Nordic Innovation website.

In order to continue the fruitful dialogue between different stakeholders during the project, the core partners of MaiD have initiated efforts to continue the activities of the network beyond the actual project period. A meeting to discuss the current situation in harmonisation of product requirements and for discussing the continuation of the network will be organised in Copenhagen on October 4, 2018.

EDW will be represented at the meeting by Ilari Aho (Uponor Corporation and TEPPFA), and a presentation of the EDW position and view on harmonisation of product requirements in Europe is included on the meeting agenda.