Working structure

The structure of the EDW is horizontal in that all members have equal rights to participate in, and/or contribute to, all of the meetings and activities of the consortium.


All EDW members are part of the plenary group. Meetings take place regularly every 3 months. The plenary decides and controlles the working plans, new items and all actions.

Executive Board:

The Executive Board consists of the Chairman, the Working Group leaders and the leader of the Advocacy Group. It advises the Chairman and is enabled to make adhoc decisions for the group. Pressing issues are discussed in monthly conference calls.

Working Groups and Advocacy & Regulatory Group:

In the working groups, the members work on a defined working plan and report back to the EDW Plenary. The Working Groups make up their working scheme independently.

Antitrust Statement

It is the policy of the consortium , and it is the responsibility of every consortium member, to comply in all respects with European antitrust regulations as defined in Article 101 of The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (2012/C 326/01 0)

No activity or discussion at any consortium meeting or other function may be engaged in for the purpose of bringing about any understanding or agreement among members to:

(a) raise, lower, or stabilize prices;

(b) control production;

(c) allocate markets;

(d) encourage boycotts;

(e) foster unfair trade practices;

(f) assist monopolization, or

(g) in any way violate European or national antitrust laws.

Any questions regarding the meaning or applicability of this policy, as well as any concerns regarding activities or discussions at consortium meetings, should be promptly brought to the attention of the relevant meeting Chairperson and/or member Association Presidents.