EDW intensifies talks with EU Commission

After the 3rd Symposium on Materials and Products in Contact with Drinking Water in May 2017, EDW has continued its efforts to support all involved DG’s of the European Commission regarding the ongoing revision processes of the DWD and the CPR.

EC meeting on the draft mandate under the Construction Product Regulation

In October 2017, EDW took part in a meeting with DG Grow. The general plan for the meeting was to discuss the technical annex for CPDW/metals. The discussion however lead to the conclusion that supporting technical specifications beyond the standards for metallic, organic and cementitious products are needed to clarify once and for all the technical scope which should allow us to avoid repeated discussion at the product standards level and (again) blocking the standardisation work. 

An umbrella standard or a framework technical specification defining the scope of all products in contact with drinking water is needed. It should cover all aspects of assessments that are similar for products made out of the three before mentioned material classes. The work on technical specifications will be discussed within CEN TC 164.

The mandate should be finalised in late 2017.

The Commission's decision to give a standardisation request to CEN and the official start in CEN is expected for Summer/Autumn 2018.

Revision of the Drinking Water

In November 2017, EDW and Eureau were invited by the Commissioner`s cabinet to discuss the Revision of the Drinking Water Directive - Art. 10 of the DWD on materials and products in contact with drinking water.

The cabinet members pointed out that there must be a better regulation for materials and products in contact with drinking water and that the commission agrees to solve the problem of the unharmonized market conditions.

The proposal of the new Drinking Water Directive is expected by Mid January 2018.

The Cabinet of the Commission is expecting the comments of EDW and Eureau within 8 weeks after publishing the proposal. They are expecting a solution from EDW and a discussion with the member states on a pragmatic way to create positive liste for materials in a reasonable period of time.


Both the umbrella CEN standard and the revised DWD offer a unique opportunity to overcome the issues present in the EU today. The combination of both shall lead to harmonized testing methods and thresholds in all member states. This is key to providing products into a harmonized market and safeguarding the same level of consumer protection throughout the EU.

EDW will continue its efforts to ensure that both the CEN standards and the DWD don't contradict or confuse but support each other.